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What We Have

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172S is The Cessna Flight Training System produces well-trained pilots via our Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course. Our scenario-based interactive instruction programs available through Cessna Pilot Centers work cooperatively with your actual flight experience, allowing you to prepare for your next training flight before you even take off.

Seminole (PA-44)

The Piper PA-44 Seminole is an American
twin-engined light aircraft manufactured by Piper Aircraft. The PA-44 is a development of the Piper Cherokee single-engined aircraft and is primarily used for multi-engined flight training

Seneca (PA-34)

Gross weights remain the same as the Seneca III and IV at 4,750 lb(2,155 kg) for takeoff and 4,513 lb (2,047 kg) for landing, therefore, with all of the added features, the useful load is reduced by about 200 lb (91kg). The standard useful load for the 2014 model is 1,331 lb (604 kg) but typically is 1,134 lb (514 kg) when the aircraft is equipped with air conditioning, deicing equipment, and co-pilot instruments.

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