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What We Provide

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Intimate classroom settings and one-on-one instruction for all our courses.


The Private Pilot License is the first step in any aviation career. The PPL permits the holder to pilot a single-engine aircraft privately (not for pay). For personal purposes, earning your PPL will start you down your desired aviation pathway.



After completing a Private Pilot License, training for Instrument Rating can begin. The course trains pilots to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments in conditions of low visibility. For instance, pilots can fly in cloud cover or at night.



The completion of a Commercial Multi-Engine Rating permits the hold to act as the Pilot-In-Command of a multi-engine aircraft. This license also permits pilots to be paid for his or her work. The ability to operate an aircraft with multiple engines can open professional pilots to a host of additional employment opportunities. For those who plan to pursue a career as an Airline Transport Pilot, the Commercial Multi-Engine Rating is essential. Students must first complete Phase III, IV - Pre-Commercial.


We offer time building for commercial of 300 hours.

Private Aircraft


In aviation, English is as much as a priority as having aviation training. We offer English mentoring classes to help develop your English. All classes go over aviation English and conversational English. 

Pilots in Aircraft


As an international aviation school, we have students from all over the globe. Being overseas on your own without friends and family can be very overwhelming!

To help you be more at ease and learn your way around the city as well as our flight school and operations at the airport, we have a mentor program to help you get established and feel more comfortable here.

From learning where the restaurants are, how to set up a bank account or get your drivers license, to meeting fellow colleagues, getting pointers on studying or help with aviation stages, a mentor can guide you. Who knows, your mentor could even become your best friend here! 

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